Volk Right

What is Volk Right?

Volk Right is Traditional

Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.
-Gustav Mahler

We understand that Tradition is the culmination of thousands of years of trial and error. Destroying our folkways to accommodate modern or foreign sensibilities is not negotiable.

We seek to preserve and revitalize the traditional arts, beliefs, and culture that our ancestors created as our birthright.

Volk Right is Tribal

Citizenship is an attitude, a state of mind, an emotional conviction that the whole is greater than the part…and that the part should be humbly proud to sacrifice itself that the whole may live.
-Robert A. Heinlein

We understand that we are part of something greater than ourselves.  We realize that we are links in a chain connecting our ancestors to our descendants, and that by strengthening ourselves, we strengthen our families and our tribe.

We seek to form tight-knit homogenous groups to promote our interests.

Volk Right is Natural

The truest form of prayer is communion with Nature. It is not vocal. Go to a lonely spot, if possible a mountaintop, on a clear, star-lit night, ponder the majesty and order of the infinite macrocosm. Then consider the intricacies of the equally infinite microcosm. Understand that you are on the one hand inconsequential beyond comprehension in the size of things, and on the other hand, you are potentially valuable beyond comprehension as a link in destiny’s chain. There you
begin to understand how pride and self can co-exist with respect and reverence. There we find harmony with Nature and with harmony comes strength, peace and certainty.

-David Lane

We understand that we are a part of nature, and that natural law trumps the laws of man. We contend that spending time in the natural world is a requirement for having a healthy mind and body.

We seek to maintain and strengthen our connection with nature and learn what it has to teach us.

Volk Right is Pagan

I am a pagan because it is the only way I can be true to who, and what, I am. I am a pagan because the best things in our civilization come from pre-Christian Europe.
-Stephen McNallen

We understand that a folk is best suited to their native religion. A virus can mutate to exploit weaknesses in the defenses of its host, but eventually it must be expelled for the host to regain its health. Foreign gods and foreign moralities can not be made compatible with the spirit of a folk.

We seek to return to the gods of our folk and the folkways that are compatible with our folk soul.

Volk Right is Familial

When the ordinary thought of a highly cultivated people begins to regard ‘having children’ as a question of pro’s and con’s, the great turning point has come.
-Oswald Spengler

We understand that the survival of our folk is dependent on the continuation of our bloodlines through traditional family formation and fertility. We consider the modern concept of the “child-free” lifestyle to be an evolutionary error, as well as a grave insult to the eons of ancestors who fought and bled and died to continue our genetic lines.

We seek to be fruitful and pass our culture to our children, to continue the chain to our descendants.

Volk Right is Blood

You’re the descendant of the greatest warriors and conquerors in history. Guys that killed for sport, slept in their bear skins, and spent every day wrestling, fighting, and hunting to survive.

Not all of them did.

Those that were weak, incapable or slow got passed over by roving wildcats or invading marauders. But the ones that did survive passed on their genes to generation after generation.

Which brings us to you.
Victor Pride

We are not descended from the meek. In your heartbeat you can hear the echoes of war drums leading your ancestors to fight to defend their people, their families, and their way of life. That flame is sputtering, but it can blaze again. The old gods are still there, in the callouses on your hands after a hard day’s work, in the faces of your grandparents and children, in the quiet spot in the middle of the forest you walked through as a child. They are waiting for you to find them again.

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J.D. Humphrey
J.D. Humphrey
2 years ago

Though we be the lone survivors.

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